Registration is now open.

A registration number will be assigned to each participant that has to be used for payment by credit card. . Details will be send by email.

Payment of your registration fee should this time be done by credit card through the online shop set up at University of Oxford:

Follow this LINK.

One of the reasons for this (apart from making it simpler to organize the payments) is that the bank used by EWCD has decided to close down its euro accounts, which means that we would incur substantial fees receiving payments in euro via bank transfer.

A curiosity with the online shop is that payments will be made in GBP and not euros. You will therefore be asked to pay the approx. equivalent of €500 (€650 for single room) in GPB, which is set to £448 (£568 for single room). This unfortunately means that the exact amount you end up paying might be a bit more of less than the amounts stated in euros.

We can only refund payments when cancellations are made latest 4 weeks before the meeting.

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