Sunday, June 26 2022            

20:00 Arrival and Dinner

Monday, June 27 2022

09:00 Welcome

The powerhouse: mitochondria
Chairs: Lisa Bouchier-Hayes and Marc Healy

09:15 26 Mitochondrial Contributions To Cancer: Causes, Consequences, & Coincidence Jerry Edward Chipuk 
09:30 133 Disruption of a novel TAp73/OPA1 axis drives mitochondrial dysfunction and sensitivity to apoptosis Niall Buckley 
09:45 144 Sublethal Cytochrome-c release generates drug-tolerant persisters Halime Kalkavan 
10:00 61 tBID can directly elicit MOMP acting as a BAX-like effector of apoptosis Hector Flores-Romero 
10:15 109 Mitochondrial ubiquitylation initiates inflammation during cell death Esmee Vringer 

10:30 coffee break

Did you flip your mito?
Chair: Uris Lianne Ros Quincoces and Cathrin Hagenlocher

11:00 28 Mechanistic insights into the relationship of TNFR2, interferon regulated genes and inflammasome Stefanie Rufli 
11:15 49 Recombinant lactaptin analogon RL2 inhibits TRAIL-induced cell death in breast cancer cell lines by mitophagy Fabian Wohlfromm 
11:30 32 Role of cFLIP in TNF-induced cell death, inflammation viral response and tissue homeostasis Kristel Martinez Lagunas 
11:45 41 Combined treatment with small molecules targeting c-FLIP and Mcl-1 promotes apoptosis and necroptosis in pancreatic cancer cells Corinna König 
12:00 92 UBE4B interacts with the ITCH E3 ubiquitin ligase to induce Ku70 and c-FLIPL K63/K48 branched polyubiquitination leading to Ku70 and c-FLIPL proteasomal degradation and enhanced neuroblastoma HDACi-mediated caspase 8 dependent apoptosis. Christophe Le Clorennec 

12:30 Lunch

Immune response
Chair: Motti Gerlic and Lynn Wong

14:00 71 Role of Leukocyte-derived extracellular vesicles in Multiple Sclerosis : a proteomics study Damiana Pieragostino  
14:15 83 Inhibition of Syk kinase pathway limits pro-inflammatory cell death and immune response of HoxB8 macrophages in the periodontitis in vitro model Alicja Płonczyńska 
14:30 121 Neutrophils: the inflammatory conductors of Kawasaki Disease and MIS-C? Ben Croker 
14:45 127 Activation of NLRP3 inflammasome by two novel T6SS effectors Hadar Cohen  
15:00 150 ZBP1 induces inflammatory signaling via RIPK3 and promotes SARS-CoV-2-induced cytokine expression Mads Gyrd-Hansen 
15:15 54 Met1-linked ubiquitination facilitates NF-κB activation and survival during sterile inflammation Anna Aalto 

16:00 Coffee break

Modifications R us
Chair: Ana Garcia and Chris Kedong Wang

16:30 95 On the trail of how the unfolded protein response and the cancer cell glycocalyx are linked Maj Sofie Ørum-Madsen 
16:45 112 Impaired N-glycosylation due to glucose deprivation promotes LIF-dependent angiogenesis Cristina Muñoz Pinedo 
17:00 128 Conformationally altered hyaluronan blocks the progression of cancer and neurodegeneration via in part altering gut microbiota Nan-Shan Chang 
17:15 159 M1-ubiquitination is required for caspase-mediated induction of the Drosophila IKK complex  Annika Meinander 

19:30 Dinner

21:00 poster session I (P1 – P23)

Tuesday June 28 2022

Chair: Kathrin Weber and George Skalka

09:00 48 A shark fin loop-like structure of GPX4 is essential for its anti-ferroptotic function Adam Wahida 
09:15 79 Molecular underpinnings of ferroptosis in neurodegeneration Svenja Lorenz 
09:30 85 Localized and scalable hydrogen peroxide challenges are potential triggers of ferroptotic cell death Jiashuo Zheng 
09:45 101 Inhibiting anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family members modulates GPX4 inhibitor-induced ferroptosis Yun Qiu 
10:00 157 Ewing sarcoma cells utilize multiple mechanisms to block ferroptosis by maintaining cellular cysteine and glutathione pools Poul Sourenson 

10:15 Coffee break

Cancer Transformation
Charir: Ivano Amelia and Eugenia Delgado

10:45 33 Altered spindle assembly checkpoint function impairs B cell survival but facilitates their MYC-driven transformation Johannes Weiss  
11:00 47 PLK4-driven PIDDosome activation limits DNA damage-driven lymphomagenesis Vincent Braun 
11:15 68 Recapitulating thyroid cancer histotypes through engineering human embryonic stem cells Francesco Verona  
11:30 53 TCOF1 as a nucleolar caspase-2 substrate to mediate the nucleolar DNA damage response Alexandra Brown-Suedel 
11:45 62 SETD8-mediated p53 inactivation as an early prerequisite of inflammation-induced colorectal cancer Veronica Veschi  

12:30 Lunch

Targeting blood cancers
Chair: Michael Hahne and Veronica Veshi

15:00 97 The role of nucleophosmin 1 mediated caspase-2 regulation in AML cell death and cell survival Dharaniya Sakthivel 
15:15 99 Ibrutinib treatment interrupts TLR9-induced CD40 upregulation in the lymph node thereby sensitizing CLL cells to venetoclax Karoline Kielbassa 
15:30 110 No role of death receptors in regulating cell death upon endoplasmic reticulum stress in B cell malignancies Demi Both 
15:45 134 Modulating necroptosis to overcome apoptosis resistance in leukemia Anna Saorin 
16:00 141 Gasdermin E-dependent pyroptosis determines drug sensitivity in leukemia Mahya Eslami 

16:15 Coffee Break

Tumor microenviroment: who said what?
Chair: Maja Sochalska and Simone di Franco

16:45 45 Mechanisms of Immunogenic Cell Death in Human Tumour Cells infected with Oncolytic Viruses April D’Arcy 
17:00 57 Ptk7 regulates the crosstalk between colonic epithelial cells and fibroblasts and thus colon homeostasis and pathology Monica Gabola 
17:15 59 Tumour cell death induced by cytotoxic T cells is immunogenic and primes caspase-3 dependent spread immunity against endogenous tumour antigens. Iratxe Uranga-Murillo 
17:30 104 TRAIL receptors participate in pro-tumorigenic IL-8 secretion in non-small cell lung carcinoma Francesca Favaro 
17:45 118 An in Vitro Model for Evaluation of DAMPs Impact on Cancer Cell Viability Mimmicing Processes Occuring in Tumour Microenvironment During/After Application of Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) Jakštys Baltramiejus  
18:00 77 Cancer cell killing by bispecific antibodies or CAR T cells is partly by necroptosis, with release of immunomudulators Eric F Eldering 

19:30 Dinner

21:00 poster session II (P24 – P45)

Wednesday June 29 2022

Targeting cancers II
Chair: Esmee Vringer and Nader al Nakouzi

09:00 69 Netrin-1 blockade triggers tumor cell death through UNC5B dependent Mcl-1 degradation Ambroise Manceau 
09:15 73 Targeting BAK-dependent cell death by modulating the interaction with regulatory tyrosine kinase BMX for the treatment of cancer Joanna Fox 
09:45 132 MBoINs: first-in-class drugs interfering MCL1-BOK interaction Diego Leiva 
10:00 145 Regulation and targeting of chondroitin sulfate glycosaminoglycans in prostate cancer Nader Al Nakouzi 
10:15 89 LGALS3BP as a novel target for non-internalizing antibody drug-conjugates therapy Emily Capone 

10:30 coffee break

Chair: Mads Daugaard and Gabriela Martínez-Chacón

11:00 74 Unveiling TC metastatic origin and evolution via a barcode-mediated phylogenetic analysis Vincenzo Davide Pantina  
11:15 137 Anti-metastatic potential of usnic acid derivative against pancreatic cancer cells Mariola Gimła 
11:30 153  Focal adhesion kinase plays a dual role in TRAIL resistance and metastatic outgrowth of malignant melanoma Dagmar Kulms 

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Free time – Wine tasting, spa activities

19.30 Dinner including round table discussions

Thursday, June 30 2022

Game changing science
Chair: Eric Eldering and Nastaran Khazamipour

09:00 90 Reciprocal compensation of p53 and caspase-2 in the DNA damage response. Karla E. Lopez 
09:15 88 Blockade of BAG3 protein impairs adverse remodeling and preserves cardiac function in a murine model of myocardial injury Anna Lisa Cammarota  
09:30 94 Caspase-2 activation during the cell cycle is independent of PIDD and RAIDD Ashley Boice 
09:45 96 Repression of BIM by miR-17-92 is vital for normal lung development Katharina Hoppe 
10:00 151 p53 prevents genomic instability preserving epigenetic integrity Ivano Amelio 

10:15 Coffee Break

Chair: Katia Cosentia and Markus Morrison

10:45 42 Elongation control of mRNA translation drives Group 3 medulloblastoma adaptation to nutrient deprivation Alberto Delaidelli 
11:00 55 Lipid metabolism defines sensitivity towards BH3-mimetics in colorectal cancer JP Medema 
11:15 64 BAG3 in glucose homeostasis: physio-pathological characterization of BAG3 knockout in pancreatic β-cells Verena Damiani 
11:30 111 The role of p53 in B cell malignancies: cell death versus metabolic consequences Chiara Montironi  
11:45 113 A plasma metabolomic signature of head and neck paraganglioma Simone De Fabritiis 

12:30 Lunch

Die, die and die… in any way
Chair: Cristina Muñoz Pinedo

14:30 44 Identifying and characterising novel cell death regulators of TRAIL-dependent cholangitis-like liver injury Anna Gabrielyan  
14:45 75 BAX and BAK: distinct interplayers in the growth dynamic of the apoptotic pore Katia Cosentino 
15:00 138 Calcium signaling in cell death and survival Uris Ros 
15:15 143 TLR3 employs the necroptotic effector protein MLKL to trigger lysosomal cell death in caspase-8 deficient cancer cells Kathrin Weber  

16:00 Football tournament

20.30 Gala Dinner

Friday, July 1 2022

Wrap up and departure